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Time. This is what your IT department not only wants but needs. Our platform can save hundreds of hours in misused IT resources.

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You’re Probably Spending Too Much

  • $292,000 yearly in overspending – Stopped!
  • $187,000 yearly in overspending – Stopped!
  • $45,000 yearly in overspending – Stopped!

In the first 60 days we see a decrease of 25% of corporate mobile spending.

How much are you overspending? Want to know? Start with our Demo and find out.

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Thousands of IT Professionals Agree

Managing hundreds if not thousands of mobile devices can eat up to 40% of an IT department time.

With Peak Mobile, we give you back that time and let the IT department focus on connectivity and safety.

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Praised by IT Departments

It’s not about what we say but what we have done. Peak Mobile Software and Service converts what you used to hate into something that gives your more of what you want…Time & Money

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“I have been using Peak Mobile for years to help me manage my 500+ phone lines and dozens of routers.  Their service is invaluable and their response time is immediate!  They help me order new phones, fix account problems, organize data, get transfers and ports completed, and most importantly, I don’t have to wait on the phone with my phone carrier to resolve issues.  They monitor our data usage and are quick to move users to different accounts so we don’t exceed our monthly allotment.  We have a large organization with many internet needs. Peaknet does an excellent job at finding us the best solution to keep our locations fully connected.  No matter the problem, this amazing team is always there with exceptional customer service and competency!  I highly recommend using Peak Mobile to manage all of your phone and internet needs!”

Lee Holland / Oakland Construction

“We currently have around 190 cellular devices and let me tell you, working with Peak’s staff has been a game changer for us! Their web portal makes ordering new devices so painless. No more time spent waiting on an account manager taking hours to reply. In fact, they reply to almost any requests of mine within minutes. Not to mention the thousands of dollars they have saved our company by constantly juggling numbers around to different accounts and keeping us on the best plans. The web portal also allows me to instantly see data usage from both of my carriers in one place. They have saved me countless man hours not having to deal with Verizon or AT&T myself. This is the only way I will ever manage my cellular accounts again!”

Russell Wells / John Soules Foods

“Working with the Peak Mobile team has been one of the best decisions I have made! They work tirelessly to make sure we have the equipment and plans that keep our company connected and save the company money. I get notifications when users are going over their data limits and recommendations on how to better arrange our plans to avoid paying overages. Peak does all of the leg work when it comes to mobile devices, ordering, upgrading, termination, and porting. 10/10 would recommend!”

Jason Lloyd / Packsize

“We love Peak Mobile!  We have been utilizing their team for several years and have been so happy with the cost savings that they found for us.  Managing hundreds of cellphone lines can be time consuming and they made it so I can focus on other job duties.  I never have to worry about the timing of an order either, they are quick to respond and are efficient.”

Jacqueline Johnson / Associated Food Stores

Peak is a great value add partner for our organization. They are friendly, flexible and easy to work with on a daily basis. Great dashboard, with ability to place an orders, check upgrade eligibility, contract end status, high data usage, phones with zero usage, etc. We have experienced considerable cost reduction with the real time monitoring and adjustment of data plans.

Troy Shreves / ESAB Welding and Cutting products

“I have been working with Peak Mobile for almost ten years. Peak keeps us informed of changes and the affect it has on our bill; which at times has been several thousand dollars each month and they have eliminated our overages thanks to their careful eye and processes. We LOVE the software and the ability to quickly look up info on our accounts. The team I work with is amazing I honestly cannot imagine having to handle our cellular service by myself without their help.”

Bryan Henson / Hunt Electric

85% of our clients moved to our platform and service by simply seeing our demo. Your overspending is killing your budgets! Don’t wait. Schedule your Risk Free Demo today.

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