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This depends on how well managed your cellular account is. Typically within 90 days our customers see a substantial reduction in overall plan cost in the 15-30% range. Some customers have experiences nearly a 50% reduction. The most noticeable ROI occurs from the reduction of time a company spends managing the accounts and freeing up valuable internal resources.
We work with a large range of company sizes from 50 employees up to several thousand. Our niche is small businesses that have a large enough account that requires internal resources to handle the day to day management, ordering, and maintenance. Oftentimes this is an IT department, controller, telecom manager, or office manager. These individuals have many other pressing duties and enjoy the time we save them in managing the account and billing.
The 3 main areas where we can make an immediate impact is plan optimization, overage prevention, and usage reporting. If these areas go unmanaged a company will most certainly be paying more than they need to for their corporate cellular accounts.
We have a dashboard that extracts usage information from your mobile carrier on a daily basis. We take that data and consolidate it across all your users, accounts, and carriers.
We are very loyal to the carriers and have great relationships with them. We have been selling their devices and services as master agents for many years. Our services are a great retention tool for them in keeping companies from switching providers. We both value customer retention and great service. We are in it for the long haul and value the long-term relationship rather than a quick sell.
Our services are geared more towards Mobile Billing management and ordering of devices. We have great partners that we recommend for Mobile Device Management from a security , tracking, and control standpoint. Contact us and we will be happy to make that introduction.

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