ROI is obviously a significant factor in the success of any company. Digital technology brings about a new wave of possibilities and scalability for companies in every industry. Solutions such as corporate mobile device policies provide employees with the freedom to use personal devices for their work purposes, but without a watchful eye, these privileges may lead to overspending. 

There are two primary methods for companies to improve their ROI on their mobile devices. The first involves business expansions such as increased investments, while the second calls for detailed management of corporate funds. 

In many ways, business development and expansion is beyond the control of business leaders, since it involves various external factors such as market volatility, economical movements, and technological advances. However, leaders do have control over internal fund-management strategies such as choosing the most cost-effective mobile device policy. 

The Basics of Mobile Device Policies

When it comes to corporate-owned devices, your in-house IT team or MSP will closely manage the use, network, applications, and access of the devices. Flexible workplace arrangements, such as BYOD solutions, enable employees to use their own devices while the company monitors use. 

The recent worldwide shift from office to remote work has led to complex and non-centralized digital workplace environments, making it a challenge for IT staff to provide optimal support and monitoring of device use. However, with the right mobile device policies and IT systems in place, your company can maintain security, access, and control despite remote work. 

Identifying the Challenges in Policies

Poorly managed mobile device policies can quickly lead to overspending and cybersecurity concerns. As more companies turn to remote work as the new normal, corporate device management will become increasingly complex. 

Flexible network connectivity via unprotected or unidentified devices opens doors to risks such as malware dissemination and data theft which can tarnish a company’s reputation and lead to massive financial losses. 

Additionally, overspending on non-enterprise data (such as web-surfing) can result in an unproductive work culture. Since in-house IT departments in modern companies are often understaffed and preoccupied in keeping up with system management and updates, there is often little time left for effective device monitoring. 

By hiring a trusted device management partner, companies can significantly improve ROI by eliminating excess spending while optimizing time and resources for their in-house IT teams. 

Enhancing Mobile Device Policies, the Easy Way

Businesses typically lack the expertise and infrastructure to consistently monitor and manage the use of corporate-owned devices. Mobile device management specialists offer intuitive, automated solutions for cellular billing. 

Outsourced experts can provide companies with the transparency they need to take full control of their corporate devices, leaving nothing to guesswork. 


Mobile phone management services have the capability to help companies scale according to their immediate environments. Specialized, on-demand services can include the increase of usage data, line cancellations, or setting up foreign networks. Companies can enjoy changes to their new cost-effective cellular plans without interruption to their ongoing operations. 

Billing Optimization 

Outsourced experts work with data collected with each billing cycle to formulate a unique plan that is fit to a business’s needs. Mobile phone management services provide practical and growth-focused advice based on analytical research and experience. In other words, experts will be able to optimize their services according to a company’s data.

Instead of focusing on a costly unlimited data plan, mobile phone management services will help your business build hybrid arrangements. This customized approach provides pooled plans for low-priority cellular use while maintaining unlimited plans for core business processes such as sales. 


Some mobile management companies can categorize clear billing breakdowns by department, location, and costs centers to help organizations determine sources of spending. Unmatched visibility enables business owners to identify and eliminate excess expenses, such as unused devices, which may account for up to 20% of total billing. 

Mobile device management companies can help your company optimize corporate device management without backbreaking routine work. Contact your local device management company to revolutionize your cellular systems and bring your business to the next level.