The advancement of technology always leads to greater demands for the IT sector. As a result, many companies face the problem of overworked and understaffed IT departments. Due to COVID-19, more companies are shifting toward BYOD (bring your own device) solutions which can increase stress for in-house IT teams. 

BYOD trends will not be slowing down in the immediate future, with experts predicting global market growth to exceed USD 350 billion by 2022. Increased workplace flexibility improves staff morale and leads to higher productivity levels, but it also creates additional responsibilities and challenges for your IT team. 

Poorly monitored use of personal devices may lead to overspending and data leaks that could seriously compromise a business. Overburdened IT teams might lack the time and resources to ensure quality device management, resulting in overbilling. 

After all, IT teams prioritize core business tasks such as cybersecurity and server maintenance. The daily responsibilities of device management and monitoring only increases their workload while decreasing overall security.

Thankfully, companies can effectively resolve device management by outsourcing tasks to a trusted MDM (managed device management) specialist or mobility partner. 

What Are Mobility Partners?

Mobility partners are IT experts specialized in the management of device use. They work closely with companies to decide the best plans while eliminating excess costs from personal data use or unnecessary processes. 

Companies may consider mobility partners a one-stop hub for cellular account management. Services typically include cancellations, overseas arrangements, and other billing-related procedures. Essentially, a mobility partner provides businesses with a comprehensive understanding and management of their cellular spending habits. 

By hiring a mobility partner, companies can reduce the burden on in-house IT teams by automating device management processes. 

What Can Mobility Partners Do?

Trusted mobile device management companies provide companies with cutting edge monitoring capabilities for their cellular spending. By hiring an outsourced team, a company’s IT staff can focus entirely on primary roles such as security without distraction and concentrate efforts on improving revenue and developing network infrastructures. 

Mobile device management companies use advanced automated software that tracks and calculates cellular use of every device connected to a workplace network. This allows companies to accurately pinpoint the sources of excess spending and make necessary changes without delay. 

Additionally, companies may access a comprehensive breakdown of cellular expenditures divided according to various billing identifiers such as departments and locations. Business leaders can easily monitor the user data and metrics behind cellular spending, including connected devices, cellular account activities, current usage, and average costs per device. 

This type of granular control and management of cellular use can help businesses eliminate overspending by considering all uses of their devices. 

What to Expect

Outsourced mobile device management provides a wide range of advantages for any company. 

Advanced capabilities of mobility partners provide top grade monitoring software and expertise at a cost-effective price. Instead of spending valuable time, money, and effort training current IT teams in device management, companies can enjoy reliable services without delay. 

IT is a field that continues to grow exponentially, and companies can significantly improve their ROI by outsourcing additional routines to external specialists. The savings accrued from a robust device management structure can help companies gain a considerable edge over competitors in the fast-paced age of digitization.